Wake Up Church, Wake Up World

This book represents a wake-up call to all (including Christians and the complacent) who are of this world to make a choice: Are you for Jesus or against Him?

The Sons of God: A Discourse on the Christian Revolution by Anthony Marnell presents a book that is full of holiness and indignation at the same time. His book represents a two-fold manifesto of the revealing of the last 3 Trumpets (the last three woe’s) in the Book of Revelation and a call for repentance to all who do not follow Christ.

His first chapter “A Tale of Two Cities” speaks to those who are of the world (Babylon) and those who have been called out of the world, yet still exist in the world as followers of Christ. These two cities (or two groups of people) face choices that have consequences for eternity, but also in the near future. He further states that we are living in the Book of Revelation right now and that the Book of Revelation is not some time in the future but unfolding before our very eyes. With this in mind, his book offers somewhat of a discourse on the upcoming Christian revolution with exciting prophecy revealed as the 3 woe’s. An invitation is given as well to come into the Kingdom, to know Christ, to save yourself from the coming wrath of the Lord upon the entire Earth, so that you may be spared eternal damnation and the full wrath of God.

His book packs punch after punch! The author does not hold back in professing righteousness, calling evil for what it is and naming erroneous and egregious sins that have overtaken many, to include prevalence in our Western society. Issues such as gay marriage, homosexuality, abortion, murder, fornication, adultery, atheism, along with the culture of violence, war and murder that is so commonplace, shedding light that God Almighty does not delight in any of these abominations. Further mentioning idols such as entertainment and media, the love of money, selfish pride, celebrity fanfare and glory, only to reveal the rightful place of women and men among society paints a grim picture of today’s society. Yet, there is hope; that hope is found in the forgiveness of sins through salvation a proclamation of Jesus Christ as one’s Lord and Savior. Hope is found in following Jesus, choosing faith and learning to endure to the end. He gives strategies, scripture verses and instruction on becoming strong in faith and knowledge so that one will be able to stand until the end and persevere. He gives strong warnings that the faint at heart will not survive.

The author exhorts all to take a stand now for Christ and speaks of the times we are living in to be the End Times and that the great End Time Harvest is soon to come with the Great Tribulation. He calls all to make a choice for their own eternity and implores all who don’t believe or who are in sin to repent.

Yet, he ends his discourse with an end of speaking to those who will not give their hearts to Jesus fully and shifts his attention to the Bride of Christ, to encourage, refine, teach and to prepare them for what is coming up ahead.

The author does not wish to entertain readers but to prepare, educate and save them spiritually so they can escape what is to come upon the entire Earth. This book is not for those that wish to live in a fairy-tale like world that they create for themselves…it is for those who choose life in Jesus Christ instead of the death of sin and living according to the world’s desires.

For additional information about the author, his book and some great ministry, visit Woe, Woe, Woe. You may get your copy of The Sons of God: A Discourse on the Christian Revolution at Amazon and in Kindle as a download. A CBM Christian Book Review ~ 10.0 out of 10.0+ stars

A Fascinating and Progressive Story.

The Sword of Solomon
Author Nick Gasaway
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

The Sword of Solomon by Nick Gasaway is an explorative piece relating the story of King David and his son, Solomon in the Bible through a presentation of a “modern-day depiction of good vs. evil.” Fast-paced and imaginative, the question that comes forth from the book is one of choice…will you accept Jesus or reject Him?

First following a Biblical parallel from King David and Solomon, these modern-day characters highlight Solomon, the world’s first trillionaire. Blessed with incredible wisdom and ingenuity, riches and corporate know-how, Solomon is led to focusing on his father’s (David’s) journal. Solomon’s reflection, admiration and perspective of his father give life to David’s accomplishments before he died. Looking back, Solomon vows to keep track of all who helped his father David (just as the King David honored Jonathan’s descendants in Scripture).

With a woven tapestry of descriptive imagery, readers from the beginning are given a glimpse of the immensity of not only Solomon’s wealth and prestige, but his deep desire for the things of God, including his integrity as his father’s son. Much like, what we see in the Bible coming from King David and Solomon (who asked for only wisdom, yet was granted wisdom and riches by the Lord). Solomon is a wise man dedicated to the fulfilling the Lord’s purpose for him.

His father, David, was a military hero, his sword that hung steadfastly on the wall in Solomon’s study, lends to incredible significance, but also as a memorial to his father, David. Intriguing sub-plots of a DNA activated crystal, including End Time scenarios of a one world government, leading to a global economic breakdown leading to a global economy under a global leader sheds light into possible End Time scenarios that gain strength in the end of the book. Inclusion of inspiring and profound scripture verses, memorable sayings garnered from such famous individuals such as: Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, George S. Patton, also create a vividly clear picture that shares a fascinating and progressive story.

Notably, this book was written to impact others in a profound way…and asks, “Are you ready? Prepare for I am coming soon.” This was spoken to the author, coupled with a dream, gave him the inspiration to writing this book..

Highly recommended for those that like Christian fiction novels that give hope, light and peace in choosing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. And for all those warriors and military buffs out there…you’ll love this book!

Be sure to also see the sequel The Chosen (The Sword of Solomon Book 2) ...

You may get your copy of The Sword of Solomon at Amazon, in Kindle as a download or at Barnes and Noble.

Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen by Henry Miranda

When you read Matthew 25:14-30 Jesus speaks about the responsibilities we have all been given skills, talents, and possessions entrusted to us by God. Our responsibility is to use these gifts in manners that will accomplish God's purposes. No one is responsible for the way others use their gifts. We are responsible for the proper use of our own gifts. Only those who are ready and want to give up this life for the Lord will gain eternal life (the chosen ones) They will not lose their salvation, God would not let that happen! That is why God gives us so many chances. God knows your heart and knows where you are with Him.

Many people are called but so many Christians believe they are going to heaven when actually they are going to hell. Why? Because they don't study the Word of God daily and find the truth about being a true follower of Christ. Stop holding on to the things of this world. Why do we hold on to something that will be destroyed when Jesus returns? Let it go and give your all to Jesus now! Only the chosen will have eternal life. John 12:25 says that he that loveth his life shall lose it, and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it for eternal life.

You see, only those who are ready and willing to give up this life for the Lord will gain eternal life. There are so many Christians that think that they are doing the work of the Lord, but they are only fooling themselves by lifting themselves up and their ministry instead of glorifying and praising the Lord. It’s never about us its always about doing the work of the Lord. It’s whatever He commands us we must do. We don’t get into ministry just to be lifted up. The problem is that the majority of Christians choose to ignore certain verses and just carry on in their worldly life thinking they are saved because they say a prayer to Jesus once in a while. Or because they belong to a church that knows the truth and knowing the truth will save them rather than a daily loving relationship with the Lord Jesus.

In the parable of the banquet, many were invited, but very few came. Jesus concluded by saying that many are called/invited to the kingdom, but only those who have been chosen to receive Christ will come. Those who tried to come without the covering of the blood of Jesus for their sins are inadequate and will be sent into the outer darkness which is hell

Many hear the call of God but only a few will respond because they are the only ones who are truly hearing it. Ephesians 1:4-6. 

People have freedom to reject God’s invitation through indifference, wrong priorities, and hostility. Acceptance of God’s invitation might be in accordance with the standards of repentance. Without meeting the standard, we face expulsion and judgment. The proper response in faith and repentance means a person is among the elect.

So, all of God’s chosen will be saved without exceptions; they will hear and respond because they have spiritual ears to hear the truth. God’s power makes this certain Romans 8:28-30. But we know that all things work for the good of those who love Him and who have been called according to His purposes. How do we know if we are among the few that have ears to hear? By responding to God’s call. The assurance of this certain call (chosen call) is from the Holy Spirit. Philippians 1:6 says that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, but it is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose. If we listen with a spiritual ear and respond to the invitation that God is sending, there would be fear and trembling in our souls as we recognize that it was God’s work in us that caused our salvation.

I plead with you to give your all to Christ Jesus today. Remember, many are called, but few are chosen. So give your all to the Lord now. So many people don’t like the truth. They rather hear lies. But the truth will set you free!

We work for the glory of the Lord!

Matthew 7:21 (NKJV) "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.

You may find out more about Henry Miranda at Amazon.

How I fell In Love With Jesus

How a Not-So-Kosher Jewish Girl Fell in Love with Jesus

Matzah Balls to Communion Wafers is an excellent and intriguing memoir peering into the depths of a woman’s soul torn by worldly and religious culture, family heritage, and anti-semitism, thus revealing a steady quest for knowledge and truth in the light of the love of God. ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews

Gail Baker pens a delightful and life-enriching memoir. Filled with memorable familial insights and battles, Gail Baker relates her common Jewish family, bridging the gap between tradition and faith as a Jewish woman. 

Raised as a Jewish girl amongst many Christians, Gail Baker grew up in Columbia, South Carolina. Blending a tenacious personality, humor, and candor, her intelligence and analytical abilities shine throughout the book. A timeline of poignant moments from childhood to adulthood defined and shaped her family, her life and some of her outcomes. Lovingly speaking of her family roots and history, her story unfolds as a young girl coming of age. Insights and highlights shed light into the beliefs of her Jewish family, the era they lived in and Jewish resolve and unity from her family’s effortless support of humanitarian efforts, to include the establishment of Israel as a nation in 1967.

I found myself not able to put down her memoir. As I read of the turbulent 60’s during her days in college, she reflects back on her upbringing that relates dysfunction on many levels. Despite, Judaism (which played a nominal role in Gail’s young life), she describes a young girl cloistered by the knowledge of anti-semitism and shallow Christianity. This led to a voracious pursuit of philosophical and theological dictum that bring about understanding of the ideals she has come to know. She shares these perspectives, quotes, scripture verses and insight that gives her book texture and depth. She relates a deep spiritual journey that led to a splendid concession of simply coming to the only One that could bring peace to her soul, Jesus Christ. 

With such harmony, she summarizes misconceptions, anxiety, fear, faith and the issues with raising a child that came into difficulty. She also fervently describes her loving pursuit in helping her son, in which her mother’s heart is revealed in such a tender way.

What readers will find is that woven within the tapestry of her book springs forth a deep spiritual conviction to find Truth. This book will move readers deep within their soul, build faith and inspire admiration for God’s chosen people. Her sculpted memoir relates grace and intensity simultaneously. Her story culminates in a wonderful and beautiful love story from a “not-so Kosher Jewish girl that fell in love with Jesus.”

This is an incredibly touching memoir that all will not want to miss!

Matzah Balls to Communion Wafers comes as a highly recommended read for all Christians and Jewish individuals, especially to those that perhaps may be grappling with faith, tradition and religion. Purely enjoyable! 

Thank you Gail for sharing your life with us! A CBM Christian Book Review - 10.0 out 10.0 stars

Tom Miller Review - I recommend it

Sword of the Spirit by Mark Norris really made me think. It delves into spiritual warfare, and considers some of the ways God could anoint believers who resist the enemy in the last days. This book challenged me to believe God for some things I had never considered before. But, it is also a good story. It has plenty of action and I found it hard to put down. I recommend it!” ~ Tom Miller

To most in the Realm of Drugolin, otherly spirit lore lingered as mysterious legends best suited for late night hearths. On rare occasions one might hear of strange visitations. Some of huge, radiant beings bearing aid and guidance. Others of dark, evil creatures summoning dread and death. All were a part of Drugolish legend, but few took them seriously.

The westland village of Noy couldn’t afford the apathy of its unenlightened, middleland neighbors. Its enclosing fortress walls stood as a monument to the frightening visitations it experienced, day and night.

When the town’s most celebrated 
otherly adventurer receives a prophetic lamp, he teams with one final group on a faith empowering mission into the dread regions of evil that could usher in an eternal age where mortals are like angels and God reigns supreme.

Yahwin (God), Krystos (Jesus), Sahron (Satan), a host of 
otherly foes, warrior angels, and warrior prophets endued with extraordinary power all inhabit this peculiar realm in which author Mark Norris tells an eschatological tale that wars for the Millennium’s victor’s rights.

What would you do if an angel materialized in your bedroom tonight, handed you a prophetic lampstand that projected the events of Satan’s rebellion, and invited you to brave the powers of hell?  ................. 
Theotherly is waiting,…will you go?

What others say about Sword of the Spirit:

In Sword of the Spirit, Mark takes us on an intense and imaginative quest that parallels our own lives. A great piece of work that captivates the reader while increasing our ability to remain free from the schemes of darkness. I love  it. It is lush in imagery.“ ~ Gary Crawford

Available at Barnes and Noble 

A Dove Named Peace

A Wonderful Children's Book and Must Read - Abba’s Sanctuary (Book One) by Shirley JoAnn Taylor is a delightful children’s book telling an amazing true story of a daycare in the southeast area of Washington DC that received a special gift in the form of a dove from Abba, Father God. 10.0 out of 10.0 Stars ~ CBM 

With colorful digital imagery and developed for young children from ages 2 to 5-years-old,  the author as founder of Dard’s Parkland Daycare Center, gives the account of Abba’s Sanctuary that became a safe haven for children and Abba’s creatures alike.

During one normal day at the program, the director of the daycare (and author of the book) received a special gift in the form of a special dove. This dove became known as “Peace” representing symbolically the Holy Spirit that resides upon and in each one of us. Book One describes how God sent them the dove as a special gift. Peace was unique in the way she interacted with the director and the school. 

Young children will come alive with wonder and awe learning of God’s creation and of the peaceful way the dove interacted each day at the school. Peace soon became the children’s and director’s favorite school pet.

Yet, there were more doves to be added to the story. Come and see what happens. The author relates to readers that the Lord indeed sent a dove to relate to His children His peace, prosperity and love to all.  With scripture verses, the author delights in the sharing of Jesus, His peace and His blessing to her through the dove that came to Abba’s Sanctuary.

Christian parents will be able to use this book to teach their children about Abba, Father God, His creation and His love for all of His creatures. Abba’s Sanctuary can also be utilized to teach little ones about the Holy Sprit, the fruit of the Holy Spirit and Jesus’ peace from the Holy Spirit.

A highly recommended read that children and parents alike will enjoy! You may get your copy of Abba’s Sanctuary (Book One) at Amazon or in Kindle as a download.

Leadership Through Mentorship

Beginning from his childhood upbringing in Butler, Alabama, describing his youth as a young African American boy during the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. Coming from a Christian upbringing by a Christian mother, he covers his schooling, football to college, as his autobiography leads up to an adventure of a lifetime in the Army Reserves Active Army Reserve (AGR).

His aim in writing this book is to,  “… make the average person understand the hardships and challenges that the military’s junior executives or company commanders face in modern day operations and warfare.” His goal is accomplished within this vibrant account, mixed with faith and endurance that were developed in him, giving hope to others in the military and beyond.

Inner-workings of a military officer (Officer Commander) during deployment are revealed that include: Tactical techniques and itineraries that relate operations-based protocol, concepts, and leadership before military advances begin and end. The high integrity of soldiers, commanders and officers reveal a highly organized unit that our military operates within. For the average non-military personnel (as myself) I found it interesting and amazing.

Obviously, a military person would be perhaps more interested in the author’s biography, but for one not in the military this comes as a highly recommended read also as to understand the inner-workings of the military and what soldiers have had to endure during certain past years of deployment to Iraq. The author personally experiences a time that has since passed as things have calmed down since 2001 to say the least. One will also become familiar with certain protocols and models used for leadership and action within a unit. Of particular interest is the technical, but relevant, “Rocket Model” which spearheaded Crenshaw’s leadership of his unit.

Leadership Through Mentorship is a particularly interesting chapter giving a summary of the life he lives and serves well as a outline to live life by. Other well-rounded chapters lend to the author’s experience as a Commander in the Armed Forces such as: Personal Background, Years After the Tuskagee Experience, The Staff Professional, Staring Out as New Commander, Building the Team Using the Rocket Model, Preparing the Unit for War, Leadership Through Mentorship, & Conclusion.

Readers will also appreciate the intertwining of Scripture, morale boosters for soldiers that kept him and his unit going, as one will truly come to appreciate anew the sacrifices made by our military. Faced with over 130 degree heat during the day, and 110 degree nights in Iraq with pesky mosquitoes and sand mites, shortages of water, pre-made ready to eat meals (MRE’S) & no toilet facilities, one will gain a new perspective and respect for those who defend our country.

In the end, he adds pictures of Iraq and himself on duty. I personally welled up in tears at the man in uniform who would put his life on the line for me and our country. You will feel the same. I did get concerned when he expressed the lack that the military faced and a “take from Peter to pay Paul” type situation and realized that military expense and suffering of our soldiers is something not to be taken lightly but that should be put as a priority in all our lives. May our government fund our military as they should is my thoughts and maybe yours too. All in all this book did stir great patriotism and was a much-appreciated breakdown of one’s life in the military.

This is a memorable well-written account of a life used unto the glory of God and a highly recommended read for those that may be in the military and would like inspiration during times of trial.Blowing Sandstorm at Amazon.

Heart-felt Christian Fictional Books Displaying Themes of Redemption

Author JR Thompson has been an advocate for youth for over eighteen years. As a current assistant pastor and director of Canaan’s Land Boys Ranch, his love for under-privileged youth spans a lifetime of service as a mentor, housing foster children, as an adoptive parent, and also as a director for at-risk youth programs. 

His love and sacrifice remind us all what love looks like to those youth that are our future. Many youths today need loving guidance and a Biblical foundation.

The Worthy Battles Series offers heart-felt Christian fictional books displaying themes of redemption in the rescuing of teenagers on the brink.

Rebuilding Alden - Alden is a delinquent youth bent on destroying himself. With abusive and violent tendencies, he meets Probation Officer Phillip Bones whose tough love and sacrificial service give Alden a fighting chance. This story offers an endearing look at the story of a rebellious teenager redeemed by the love of God. Bones sometimes unconventional ways bring suspense and intrigue to a story that turns out better than expected!

Redirecting Billy – Book 2 in The Worthy Battle Series depicts a young boy named Billy whose scheming, lying and thievery are a way of life. Defiant and a possible gang banger, Billy’s life consists of drugs and hussling which are no big deal to Billy. He also sees nothing wrong with usury and making the government pay for his way while he sits at home doing whatever his young heart wills. Billy is easily angered and believes a life of crime is his only future until he meets Probation Officer Phillip Bones. Bones is determined to teach this young man integrity, respect and hard work as a way to success instead of living the life of the streets.

Reprogramming Carlos – Book 3 in The Worthy Series presents Carlos Estrada. A classic clown with no cares in the world. His choice of function is to not take anything seriously. His immaturity is an embarrassment and he is on a path to becoming known as a possible sex offender. In this series, Bones questions whether or not he can help this kid who just does not seem to care about anything. In this heart-wrenching series, a rollercoaster ride of emotions culminates into a story that will make you jump for joy.

Reforming Dawson – Book 4 in The Worthy Battle Series, Dawson, a rich kid born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth thinks his money is what makes him better than everyone else. And worse, Dawson thinks his bribes and temptations will sway Bones from treating him the same as everyone else. It’s obvious Dawson needs a strong reality check and needs to learn the value of good day’s work with a firm lesson on the value of money. With his work cut out for him, Bones proceeds to teach Dawson valuable life lessons that will he will appreciate, once he learns his money can’t save him.

Renovating Elliot – Book 5 in The Worthy Battle Series, Elliot depicts a young boy drowning his problems with alcohol abuse and illegal activity. He seems to like being bad, but his friends realize that Elliot is on his way down into a spiraling death spin that will leave him at the bottom with no way out. But that doesn’t scare Elliot. He likes being in control and no one will tell him what to do – that’s until Probation Officer Phillip Bones gets a hold of him. Bones is in for a battle and a spiritual one at that with this kid! Readers will cheer for joy as they watch Elliot’s transformation. 

Refurbishing Felipe – Book 6 in The Worthy Series, Refurbishing Elliot takes readers on a thrill ride of emotions and into a deep spiritual battle for Felipe’s mind. Controlled by outbursts and radical mood swings, Felipe’s bipolar episodes seemed to be spiraling out of control. His grandparents thought he would outgrow his mood swings but are worried that they are leading Felipe down a very dark path. Bones thinks he has a way of helping Felipe without the use of drugs since Felipe refuses to take his medication; Bones is everyone’s last chance. Felipe and Bones are in for the fight of their life. Will darkness succumb to the light?  

The Worthy Battle Series, is a collection of real-life battles, giving insight into the spiritual battle. These Christian fiction novels have a theme of redemption and restoration for today’s youth. The author has created a unique series that touches on controversial subjects that face our youth of today. With compassion and tough love, the books present an overcoming victory in the face of adversity and youthful rebellion.

For more information visit JR Thompson's Amazon page

The Book of James

James was regarded by Paul as a ‘Pillar of the Church’ and certainly he became very prominent in the church of the time. James comments on Trials and temptations, favoritism, faith and works are classics. 

One of the hardest lessons to learn is to tame the tongue which can do such untold damage in a church community. With chapters on submitting to God in the matter of the taming of the tongue and the display of godly wisdom are just as relevant in the church today. Those of the church members who are wealthy also should pay heed to James comments. 

Matthew A. Knight has written this book with the commentaries on each chapter in the hope that all who read it might learn and having learned might apply it to their own situation in the church they find themselves in. Especially, James’ comments are helpful for the leadership of the church. Get your copy of The Book of James at Amazon.

The Communion of Prayer

This book comes as a MUST-READ for all Christians new and mature alike. I cannot recommend the absolute importance of this book to the readers’ faith. ~ CBM 

A Prayer Study Guide by Dr. Willie B. White is designed as an effective, yet insightful and encouraging guide to increasing understanding and knowledge of prayer. “Exploring the prayer from Biblical and scriptural (using the King James Version), practical and relational viewpoints that speak of, “…prayer from its history, phenomenon, philosophy, practices, patterns, the practices of prayer, the many different kinds of prayer and what can hinder a prayer's effectiveness.”

Many want their prayers to be answered. There is not doubt that is “why” we pray. This book gives a much deeper understanding as to what prayer is. Prayer is communion, worship, praise and adoration of God. There are ways to pray effectively and there are things in our life or attitudes of heart that will hinder prayer. Unlocking these guidelines, the Bible, the Psalms and many patriarchs from the Old and New Testament, to include Jesus as our example give us insight as to what an effective prayer life looks like.

This book will increase your faith as you explore and learn to approach prayer in a fresh, new way that will invigorate your relationship with God, bring exciting answers and give you a mature approach to prayer. For many this book will be a catalyst to seeing God move mountains in their life. This author has researched the Scriptures thoroughly and while this works is an exhaustive commentary, it is a complete joy to read that is founded on the Word of God.

With the inclusion of many strong Biblical patriarchs (such as Abraham, David, Solomon, etc), their predicaments and/or prayer that relates how these are written for our instruction. For example, do you need wisdom?  The author takes a look at Solomon, relates the story of Solomon asking God for wisdom. Concisely, the author then reiterates how “we” as believers are to understand the themes and scriptures pertaining to wisdom, gives additional discussion questions, and extrapolates other verses, and provides a guide of “how” we are to ask for wisdom, giving the benefit thereof. The author’s ability in her book unveils a strong preaching anointing, which really gives readers keen understanding, teaching and exhortation in understanding Biblical concepts and Kingdom principles.

A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Get your copy of A Prayer Study Guide at Amazon.
You may also visit the author at Uplifting Insights.

A Must See Video and Book

Part scriptural analysis, part compassionate musing, and part academic study, Back to Eden brings together academic research, Christian theology, and universal human emotions to examine how our financial status affects our way of life and our treatment of others.

Starting with a broad analysis of how certain scriptural passages can be interpreted through the lens of our human capacity for love, compassion, righteousness, and humility, author Dr. Thiessen moves with increasing specificity into a detailed, succinct, and thoroughly researched examination of how our perspective towards those less fortunate is directly related to our relationship with God, not to our financial portfolio.

For those who seek to deepen their relationship with God and to better understand how His teachings encourage compassion, generosity, and open heartedness, Back to Eden not only provides the academic and scriptural foundation to accomplish this, but it also weaves each lesson through a prism of human experience, allowing these teachings to be understood and identified by any who are willing to learn. Through deep analysis and thoughtful consideration of theological literature and select scripture, Dr. Thiessen’s work weaves a story that aspires to educate, enlighten, and inspire,

A Day At The Beach

This book is a fantastic way to tell kids…don’t go surfing if you don’t know how. ~ CBM 

Little Bit & Big Byte: A Day at the Beach by Craig T. Feigh is a colorfully illustrated children’s book depicting love-able characters and their pets that introduces children metaphorically to computers and the dangers of surfing the Web. Creating word pictures, namely, that the Web is much like a huge ocean, parents can use this book as an aid in educating their children about computers and the Internet.

Simple, fun and cute, children will make the connection to the Internet and the main parts of computers with each page. A hidden image of a bone on each page makes the book fun and interactive (secretly my favorite part). With adventure, Little Bit and his crew set out for a day of play at the beach. Little Bit Romie, the main character alongside Click, Browser (the “chip’s” pets) go to the beach with his big brother, Big Byte. Joy, his sister, Kay Board and Webster also join in at the beach to build sandcastles.

With little notice, trouble comes through sly characters Vi and Russ, who are looking to crash any party. The author creates a unique and creative “day at the beach” which is saved by a big wave…thankfully. Memorable and inspiring, this little book will help children understand to surf intelligently and with skilled “know how.”

Children and parents alike will love the illustrations, giving way for parents to teach their kids about computers. The author has presented an ingenious way to speak the dangers of surfing the Web to young children that they will enjoy.

This little book comes highly recommended to all parents when beginning to educate their children about computers, or when school starts children on computers.

Title: Little Bit & Big Byte: A Day at the Beach
By: Craig T. Feigh
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

New Life As A Follower of Jesus

Through the persistent concern of a neighbor, Richard Christenson became a born-again believer at age thirty-one.

Richard, previously a professing agnostic, subsequently began talking with family, friends, and work associates about his new life as a follower of Jesus.

A work associate attentively listened to his story and responded, "It is evident that your belief in God is making you happy. However, I choose not to believe and I am also a happy person. Why can't you Christians leave us happy heathens alone?"

What Do You Say to a Happy Heathen? provides insightful, inspirational assistance for those willing to consider the biblical claims of Christ, followers of Christ wanting to more effectively communicate their beliefs, and local church discipleship training processes. Get your copy of What Do You Say to a Happy Heathen? at Amazon.

The Cross illuminated

A Must Read New Book Release - Illuminated Beyond the Cross by David Hess offers a redemptive look of the Cross and the Crucifixion through a journey into God’s Word and key Scripture. Sanctification and Romans 6:6 illuminates the power of the Cross by way of the new man. Exposing deception, darkness and sin held within, Hess offers Biblical keys to walking in the power and forgiveness by way of the Cross. Presenting the grace that is present in the New Testament, beyond the Cross, coupled with a series of revelations recorded in the book obtained from poignant questions the author asked the Lord, He delivers answers. These answers correlate with Scripture and Christians indeed will find them intriguing. A further study of Scripture reveals the Law, which all could not keep. 

Sharing a powerful message to all those who would believe Christ’s message of the amazing grace of a new life in Christ marked by a pure heart, repentance from sin, the author offers a powerful and practical guide to living in the victory of Christ.

Displaying the mystery of the Cross, a new meaning of freedom from guilt and shame come to light in this invigorating and deeply insightful read. Stating that what has been hidden for centuries, is now available to all who would open their hearts and choose to see with eyes of understanding.

With such chapters as: Seeking & Searching, Beyond the Cross, A Word from God, Wisdom of Revelation, The Cross illuminated, Crucifixion, Sanctification, In Christ Illuminated, Creation Illuminated, John 17 Illuminated, The Law Illuminated Summary, the author lovingly reveals being crucified with Christ, being freed from sin and living a sanctified life that brings freedom – all by way of the Cross.

Further, declaring a revlatory theme for 2018 as many being set free from bondages, the author offers a journey and guide to teach others what the Cross means to them in their everyday lives. Stating that the year 2018 is when the Church will receive back the power and glory, inspiring all to go beyond the Cross into the God’s destiny as the triumphant Church.

This book comes highly recommended relating powerful keys for the Church to grasp in order to walk in full victory. 

You may get your copy of Illuminated Beyond the Cross at Amazon and as a download in Kindle. You may visit David Hess at Voice Of The Truth Ministries

Title: Illuminated Beyond the Cross
By: David Hess
ISBN# 978-1986519595
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

God's Goodness

Stories Of Hope - A collection of over 40 Christian authors showcasing their talents ~ each short story or article contains not only practical biblical teaching, but stories of hope, inspiration, edification, encouragement and testimonies that will no doubt leave an imprint upon one’s soul.  

Truly a wonderful collective work by various authors with the heart to share the love and redeeming passion of Christ, the free gift of salvation and give Glory to God while sharing testimonies of God's goodness in their lives.