The Issues Of The Heart

This book comes highly recommended for anyone that needs encouragement, understanding and hope to issues that have caused strife, division and separation within their life.  For those struggling with anger, resentment, depression and unforgiveness, this book will help those individuals release these feelings and find relief. I have to say to the author, “Thank You,” for hearing from God and having the courage to follow through. His testimony of how he clearly heard from God and obeyed is inspiring! CBM 10.0 stars out of 10.0 stars

The Victim’s Cry: Discovering Hope & Healing Through Forgiveness by Steven D. Griffin is an encouraging book that exposes truth from a Christian perspective to help readers find lasting healing and freedom from past offenses, pain and unforgiveness. As the author presents steps to dealing with past offenses, disappointment and deep bitterness, the author writes from his own journey after separation in his own marriage. 

Offering Biblical knowledge, and additionally sharing some of the reasons why we suffer in this world, the author writes a concise, yet simple book to discover hope and healing through the power of Christ. Full of Scripture and Biblical insights on the issues of forgiveness, heart attitudes and judgments are examined that presents to readers refreshment to the soul, giving them practical solutions to seek after God and His plan for healing. 

Readers will also learn from the Introduction that the book is a God-birthed book written from someone who has experienced God’s plan of restoration. As the author highlights this statement from the Lord, “I want you to write a book about My plan of rescue for people who have been hurt. Many of my people are bound up, and I will use this book to help set them free.” 

The author offers hope to those who feel like victims. What is quite unique is that he begins with the definition of a victim. As it turns out, we all have been victims at one time or another. With heartfelt compassion, the author’s hope and prayer in reading this book is that individuals will find lasting freedom in Christ and come to an understanding that they are more than conquerors in Christ. 

Divided into 5 Open and Shut Steps to Freedom, such issues as selfishness, bitterness, anger, hatred, judgments address heart attitudes that help readers identify these feelings and emotions, turning to God for help. Once identified through a godly lens, the truth of God’s Word is applied and a renewing of the mind begins, refreshing and cleansing the troubled heart and emotions. 

This is a wonderful book that gives the keys to finding restoration in one’s soul that brings a transformed life, and in turn transformed relationships through forgiveness. Readers will find that broken relationships can be repaired.

I cannot recommend this book enough, in that it gives the Biblical steps to finding restoration in relationships and helps readers take a look at their own heart, inspiring them to look up to God. Reading this book also produce godly character by presenting to readers a practical application of God’s Word. Freedom will be found if the steps are applied and the person submits to God. Increased intimacy with Christ will also be developed and lasting peace, love and joy will be found as people are set free.

You may get your copy of The Victim’s Cry: Discovering Hope & Healing Through Forgiveness at Amazon or in Kindle. Be sure to visit the author at The Victims Cry or at Facebook.

The Basics of The Bible

Ephesians 6:16 Above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.  

You received divine faith the moment you accepted Jesus as your Savior. You increase that faith as you read His Word. That faith becomes a shield against the attacks of the satanic forces, but must be used to be effective. 

When doubt tries to attack you, use your faith to resist it. Expect the Lord to honor His Word, and help you in your time of need.  A tea bag releases its strength when it is put into a cup of hot water. The Lord is able to show His power to the world when you are going through trouble. 

The people of the world will see your faith and confidence in God and in His promises, and want to receive the same help for their needs. The Lord receives glory as a result of your faith and actions. 

The Simplicity of The Christian Life

As author Craig TFeigh states, “Like fire tests gold and silver, God commands us to test ourselves daily (2 Corinthians 13:5) to be sure that our heart is right with Him and that we can defend and articulate our faith.  Testing our faith is essentially getting back to the basics and building for ourselves a strong foundation.” This is the premise of this foundational book that will build faith, instruct believers in sound Biblical doctrine and provide a keen understanding of God, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Craig TFeigh reveals some alarming statistics of Americans polled in regards to their faith. An alarming 66% of the 89% Americans polled are not sure whether they will get to heaven or not. This makes it necessary for Christians to understand the basics of their faith and what the cross did for them.

In addition, the author reveals through scriptural interpretation your identity in Christ. This is a simple way to understand many of the questions you have about the Bible that gives not only firm scriptural truths, but gives a firm foundation to build upon. Whether just coming to Christ, or as a well-seasoned believer, the foundations never change and it almost guaranteed that readers will learn something in this book.

Title: Christian Basic Training
ISBN # ( to be added )
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 Stars

Created for individual use and within a group setting the author offers classes on Christian Basic Training and encourages all to understand the truth of God’s Word. This is a highly recommended read that covers a broad spectrum of the key foundational principles of the Christian faith that enlightens many facets of the Gospel in an easy-to-understand and fascinating read.

Christian Basic Training: The Basic Foundational Principles of the Christian Faith by Craig TFeigh helps new and mature believers alike get back to the basics of their faith.  You may get your copy of Christian Basic Training by Craig TFeigh at Amazon.

The Power of Our Words

Proverbs 6:2 You are snared (trapped) by the words of your own mouth; you are taken by the words of your mouth.  

Many times your biggest enemy is yourself. God tries to build up something in you, or those around you, and you tear it down. You do this by using negative words. Idle words are non-effective, because they work against you. 

Many have asked for prayer and agreed with the person praying for them, but later they have said, “I don’t know how this need is going to be met.” Those words just stopped the prayer from being answered.   

Use your words wisely, but this is not possible when you believe everything except the Word of God. The answers to your prayers come by using the faith of God with the right confession. A negative confession states the problem, and a positive confession states the answer, expecting God to supply. 

Three Founding Fathers on the Bible

Book Title: America’s Founding Fathers and the Bible:
A Select Study on America’s Christian Origin
Author: Stephen A. Flick, Ph.D.
Book Review by CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

America’s Founding Fathers and the Bible: A Select Study on America’s Christian Origin by Stephen A. Flick, Ph.D. shares America’s rich biblical history and Christian heritage. Focusing on the American Revolution and afterwards, the author writes that America was founded on Christian principles and biblical practices that our Founding Fathers instituted, stemming from the formation of our government and the Continental Congress. 

Unwaveringly the author also reveals contrary claims by secularists and irreligionists that America was founded and “arose from the barrenness of secularism,” give way to an intriguing book that gives insight into America’s beginnings, formation as a nation and the underlying Christian legacy of America as a nation.

Divided into three sections: The Continental Congress and the Bible, Three Founding Fathers on the Bible, After the American Revolution, Conclusion: American Renaissance and coupled with three Reading Sections -  Defense of the use of the Bible as a SchoolBook, President of Congress Starts Bible Society & By the Bible or By the Bayonet, the author sheds light on the legacy of freedom, commitment to the Christian faith and the Bible, that helps readers understand and presents a brief glimpse into the motivations and truths from which our Founding Fathers relied upon.

With this perspective in mind, this book also provides viewpoints propagated from American Academia, jurisprudence and other disciplines that seem to ignore the facts. Further giving an overview of the initial thirteen colonies that sparked America’s growth and the first decrees of fasts and thanksgivings originally declared, coupled with the ensuing American Revolution, the author shows that America is a country that is nationally based upon the Bible. As the author states,Rather, both private and public writings overwhelmingly demonstrate that America's Founding Fathers intended and did establish American government upon biblical principles and practices."

This simple, yet historically accurate read comes highly recommended to all Americans, Patriots, Christians, college students and to the general public that serves as a reminder to get back to the foundational principles our country was founded on.

Knowing your heritage and history is important and this book presents a keen understanding of “how” our great nation came to be. Concise and to the point, factual information presents and relates the importance of the Christian faith and the Bible in America.

History’s past can be confusing, yet this book is one of those books every American should read, know and understand. It is our privilege, duty and honor to take a stand for what was so costly – our freedom.

Order your copy of America’s Founding Fathers and the Bible at Amazon, in Kindle and at other fine online bookstores. Visit Christian Heritage Fellowship for further information and some amazing ministry.

The fullness of God

Ephesians 3:18 (That you) may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height; 19 to know the love of Christ which passes knowl­edge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.  

Fully understanding the love of Christ for one’s self is an extremely difficult task for many Christians. God had you in mind before the world was created. His love for you was so great, that the universe was planned around His love for you. He does not think of you as a second rate citizen, but as one who is chosen. He calls you his beloved, “His precious jewels.” 

It doesn’t make any difference what your social or ethnic background is, because His love leaps over all barriers. The closer you get to the Lord, the easier it will be to comprehend His love for you. Human knowledge is limited, and will not fully understand this unconditional love God has for you, but the Holy Spirit can reveal it to you.

The God Who Works

Philippians 2:13 For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure. 

Hypocrisy is common in the lives of many who claim to be Christians, because they are hearers and not doers. Many act as though a life of holiness is an endurance race, and feel they must try harder to be successful.

 Realize its God’s work in you that makes it possible for you to live a life of holiness. His power flowing through you will enable you to reflect His nature and character. Others will see this, and realize you have been with Jesus. 

This will be possible as you spend time in His Word and pray daily. Prayer should be communication between you and the Lord, instead of just a one sided conversation. During this time the Holy Spirit will be able to give you guidance for the day’s activities, on many occasions saving you a lot of problems, if followed. He also wants to give you ideas that will help others in their time of need.

Tales of authentic, real-life hunting adventures that glorify God

Steven G. Coy releases The Christian Outdoorsman

Is God at work in the lives of those who trust Him? You'll recognize His fingerprints, including two profound miracles, as you read these pages of real-life adventures.

The Christian Outdoorsman offers readers an engaging read through ten tales of authentic, real-life hunting adventures that glorify God.  

Shedding light on God’s greatness, and the grandeur of nature through the revealing of the majestic mountains of Wyoming and Colorado, to the hill country of Texas, this book is filled with big-game hunting stories.

In these rugged adventures through the wilderness, the book appeals to the man of faith, the outdoorsman, and the hunter, revealing hunts of Rocky Mountain sheep, mule deer and whitetails, the elk or wapiti, and wild turkey. 

Relying on his Christian faith, the author leads readers inside these hunters’ thoughts, experiences and insights. Enlightened by prayers that are offered and recorded for the benefit of the reader, some of God’s miracles and His evident hand upon our lives certainly help the reader to recognize the greatness of God, thus inspiring deeper faith and trust in Him.

God is at work. He is with you and is faithful to those who put their trust in Him. With openness and sincerity, the author gives insight through true accounts of divine protection and guidance. God’s character is glorified, His Word magnified, and readers receive hope and encouragement for their own personal journey of faith.  

Men who love the outdoors will appreciate this book.  It is currently coupled with an incredible Limited Time Offer of two free gifts – The Jesus Film on DVD (currently being used worldwide to bring thousands to Christ), and a copy of the New Testament in paperback.

This book is highly recommended for the man in your life who loves God and the rugged outdoors. The Christian Outdoorsman is a very unique book and a refreshing read.  It also offers great hope for those seeking God, and just wanting to see some evidence or proof of His existence.

For more information, some great ministry, and to order your copy of Steven’s book, visit the Christian Outdoorsman.  Discounts are offered for additional copies.  

Also be sure to check out Steven’s latest release, Climbing The Mountain Of His Holiness - One Man's Journey of Encounters with the Divine, also available at the above website. 

The Ministry of Reconciliation

Reconciliation continues to be possible for you as long as you remain under the covering and protection provided by Jesus. God cannot tolerate sin because of His nature. From His viewpoint you must be free of sin before He can accept you. Holiness is very similar to the glory of God. It is flowing out of His personality and Presence. Absence of sin is the result of holiness and is not holiness itself. Holiness is the character and nature of God, because God is holy. Jesus is the holiness of God extended to you, and He provides the way because He is the Way. You are accepted by God because Jesus was holy, and covered you with His righteousness, so God sees you exactly as He sees Jesus. God’s desire for you is that you see your fellow Christians as He sees them. 

2 Corinthians 5:18 Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation.

Created Products for Children

Sharing the gospel can be fun and especially for children. Placing fun and exciting ministry tracts in the hands of our children to bless other kids with is can be simple and easy. Alvin Gan demonstrates the Gospel and the way to salvation in a fascinating and fun John 3:16 Animated children’s tract. With the use of the famous verse in the Bible (John 3:16, “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only son, so that everyone who believes in him will have eternal life. NCV) and an incredibly fun and innovative way to keep a child’s attention, the author has developed John 3:16 to share the Good News through the use of moving animation. 

Children can win family and friends to Christ through the amazing fun animation. These little children’s tracts have the potential to be life-changing!These wonderful children’s tracts shares the Gospel message in a way that will impact children. Basing his motivation on Jesus’ statement, “Let the little children come,” this author has created products (see his website below) that will not only bless, but teach the way to salvation in Jesus Christ. 

All products include free-shipping around the world and a 100% money back guarantee. For further information and some wonderful ministry, visit Let The Little Children Come

Jesus Washing the Disciples Feet

You shall never wash my feet! Jesus answered him, If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me.  John 13:8 Peter said to Him,  

Most messages on Jesus washing the disciples feet, are based on the servant-hood of Jesus, and that we should have the humility of servants as well. The focus on the above verse is on the recipient. As Jesus went to each disciple, He scrubbed away the grime of the day’s journey, but Peter watched in horror as Jesus came to Him, and told Jesus not to wash his feet. 

Notice the response: If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me. 

Things That Hinder Our Spiritual Walk

The Top Ten Distractions 

Come and understand the top ten distractions that hinder an individual’s spiritual walk. Overcome and combat distractions, false beliefs and bring right heart attitudes. Discern the spiritual atmosphere and find peace in God. Discover your role and destiny in the Kingdom of God. Find strength and joy in putting your hope in Christ

New Book Release

Multi Published Christian author Margie Fleurant presents, Focus: Eliminating Distractions for Enhanced Spiritual Visiongiving practical Biblical wisdom and understanding to help readers focus on their Kingdom destiny and win the race!

Eliminating Distractions

Focus: Eliminating Distractions for Enhanced Spiritual Vision is for every mature Christian that seeks to do the will of God and hear, “Well done my true and faithful servant.” 

Unique, Powerful and Eye Opening

In this unique, powerful and eye-opening book, author, founder and president of The River Ministries speaks truth to readers and builds up the Body of Christ through identifying the distractions in one’s life that disarm individuals from finding God’s plan and purpose for their lives. Satan is a master deceiver. For one to wage war and see clearly with spiritual vision, one must know the tactics of his or her enemy.

Hope, Peace, Joy and Victory

You will find hope, peace, joy and victory through this powerful read that will bring new enhanced vision in the spiritual realm around you that will impact your life and bring transformation. Focus: Eliminating Distractions for Enhanced Spiritual Vision is available at Amazon. Visit the author at Margie Fleurant for some great ministry. 

Purity According To Scripture

Beloved, now we are children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. 3 And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure.  1 John 3:2

As a Child of God you have a great promise, of the day that will come when you will be like Him, and will see the Lord as He is.  God has given you the obligation to purify yourself if you want to see the fulfilment of this promise.  He has given you a new nature, as well as the ability to say NO to temptation.  John 15:3 points out that you are cleansed because of the Word.  

This will not take place if you keep your Bible on a shelf, but will only happen if you read and apply it.  Learn to love to read your Bible; ask the Lord to enable you to understand and apply it.  This will cause you to become a strong Christian.

A Call To America To Get Back On Track

Passion, Freedom and the American Dream

A Passion for Freedom by Carl Morris is our greatest gift that offers a culmination of poetic endeavors that inspire, encourage and bring back patriotism to the great America that we live in. Birthed out of a passion for excellence and a desire to see others fulfill their godly potential, the author reminds all of the power and value of seeking and trusting God in all you do. The author has also written a Mission Creed worth reading. His mission statement is one of purpose, written to a people that want to find excellence, peace, joy and conviction as they pursue their life’s path and dreams, knowing that we all have a pre-destined identity and purpose in Christ. His mission is simple: to inspire, cultivate unity, patriotism, encourage greatness in the talents one has been given to make this world a better place to live, and to create a legacy for your family (that includes prospering in all that you do), focusing others on God. This book bring dreams alive again, and life to current life situations, with blessings to come and to future generations.
  • Founded on Biblical principles, one will find these poems ignited with faith, love, perseverance and wisdom. 
  • Dedicated to not only God, but to all the individuals who sacrificed their time and life for this great country we live in. 
  • Written for America to get back on track to the values that our forefathers began this great nation. 
  • A visionary book with insight and instigation to bring the fires of revival into your heart to make a change in the world and within families. 
  • Many life subjects bring hope and reminders of just what is really important in this life. This book may just be the fuel you need to begin your own journey to purpose in God and to really living. 
  • An excellent literary experience! 
  • Highly recommended for those who value core Biblical principles and love the freedom we enjoy in America
  • ISBN#978-1498417013
  • 10.0 out of 10.0 stars
  • A CBM Book Review

The Sabbath Rest and Living by Faith

His Spirit, His Blessings, His Peace, His Righteousness, His Grace!
Author, Bishop Ezimah Oden, PhD presents a fascinating and powerfully written book that speaks of the wonderful privileges and Covenant Blessings we have in Christ as a Child of God.  

A must read. Biblically based, well-written and engaging, this book encompasses Truth ~ the Truth of God’s Word, His Spirit, His Blessings, His Peace, His Righteousness, His Grace and so much more ~ by reading and applying the truth of this book, one will learn to walk in freedom and rest in Christ. This is a faith-filled read that helps readers to understand the Old Covenant that is based on the Law of Moses and the New Covenant based on the Grace of the Lord Jesus,  bringing freedom to walk in the Spirit, as your mind is renewed by the Living Word of God.   

Filled with scripture, My Power of Freedom and Rest is one of those foundational reads that EVERY Christian should read, believe, understand and walk in. The author helps readers understand their identity in Christ, their inheritance by the Covenant Blessings that have brought salvation, the remission of sins by the Blood of Jesus, while giving insight into knowing their enemy (Satan) by giving them the tools to faith and spiritual warfare. Topics such as: The Covenant and the Law, Encounter with the Supreme Judge, The new living way by the Blood of Jesus, The Dilemma of the law and faith, Understanding the terms of the New Covenant, Know your new nature in Christ, Beware of satanic manipulations, How to claim your Covenant blessings, Grace and Glory, Living in the power of the Spirit, Walking in alignment with the Word of God, The Sabbath Rest and Living by faith make this a power-packed, but easy-to-read perspective that not only offers the Good News of the Gospel, but presents readers with truth, hope and encouragement.

A Highly Recommended read that not only encourages, but also gives Truth to readers to walk in Covenant Blessings of their New Life in Christ! 

My Power of Freedom and Rest by Bishop Ezimah Oden, PhD 
ISBN #9781498434218 
A CBM Book Review 10.0 out of 10.0 Stars
You can get your copy at Amazon, in Kindle, at Barnes and Noble, in NOOK Book. Be sure to visit the author at his site, Bishop Ezimah Oden for some great ministry.